Salome Salon is an online salon for discussing and presenting contemporary art. Established by artist Fay Nicolson in 2021 under the name Salome Salmacis, the project aimed to reach out to fellow artists working with painting, drawing or performance in an expanded sense. Launched during the first lockdown, the salon was a catalyst for making connections between artists, who were feeling atomised in their creative spaces, and to share their experiences with a wider online community.

Moving into 2024 Salome Salon is looking to expand its focus and build on its strong foundation of in-depth discussion, slow looking and meaningful engagement in the work that artists do. We will continue our Parlour series of interviews – where one artist’s practice is examined in detail through a written interview and portfolio of works. Along side this we will begin a thread of content that specifically explores relationships between Image, Music and Dance within the contemporary arts: IMD.

A note on the intentions and pace of the project: Salome Salon is non-commercial and driven by curiosity about art and a generosity towards time and resources. The website has been designed and built by Fay. The DIY nature of producing and publishing this project is incredibly important. Salome Salon aims to create networks that are built on shared concerns and artistic quality, that are not wholly reliant on wider corporate structures or inflexible technological platforms. Knowledge of basic coding provides a fundamental grasp of how the internet works and how we can use it creatively as artists for our own ends.

Thank you to our readers for your engagement and support. If you have a specific interest in expanded painting, cross overs between Image, Music and Dance, or DIY publishing please get in touch via Instagram and join our mailing list!

Fay Nicolson and collaborators, 2023.

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