Salome Salmacis is an online salon presenting the work of a curated selection of artists. Discursive in nature, the salon is non-commercial and driven by curiosity, generosity and passion.

The project was developed by artist, Fay Nicolson in spring 2021, when the nationwide lockdown reduced possibilities for experiencing art and meeting fellow artists. The salon continues as a platform to showcase the work of artists and speak to them about their processes, ideas, research and personal history.

Salome Salmacis takes its name from two female protagonists from different myths. The curatorial premise follows this thread and focuses on artists that touch on myth, ritual, narrative, the figure and sensuality. Reflecting Fay’s interests as an artist, the programme focuses primarily on the analogue practices of painting and drawing, extending out to the performative and sonic.

The website has been designed and built by Fay. The DIY nature of producing and publishing this project is incredibly important. Salome Salmacis wants to create networks that are built on shared concerns and artistic quality that are not reliant on wider corporate structures or inflexible technological platforms. Knowledge of basic coding provides a fundamental grasp of how the internet works and how we can use it creatively as artists for our own ends.